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Ashford Benjamin

Ashford Benjamin


Meet the Managing Director

Meet the Managing Director

Meet the Managing Director - Ashford Benjamin (Video Transcript)

What We Do

Ashford Benjamin is a leading executive search firm, focusing on the legal and compliance professions. Ashford Benjamin was founded with the belief that search firms should offer a better service to clients and candidates. This means taking the time to provide a genuine partnership, understanding our clients’ and candidates’ needs, and pro-actively advising on the best course of action, utilising the decades of experience we have in the legal and compliance search industry.

Our Culture

Integrity - the cornerstone on which we have built our reputation, and our most essential value. Commitment - we will only work with clients and candidates to whom we can commit 100%. Transparency - regular reporting of search progress, with full disclosure of methodology. Pro-activity - we actively scour the market for the best talent, leaving nothing to chance. Expertise - we demand all of our consultants are genuine experts in their chosen fields

Ashford Benjamin

Team Stories

Why Work Here

  • First in class global training from Next Level Exchange
  • Flexible working for those that want it
  • Opportunity to earn equity and become a partner in the firm

Office Sneak Peak

The Office

  • Layout: Open Plan
  • Dress code: No dress code in the office
  • Amenities: Pantry with free coffee and tea etc
  • Features: Fully serviced

Unit 1301, 13th Floor, Silver Fortune Plaza, 1 Wellington St
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Culture of excellence and high-performance

Mature, collegiate environment

Work with integrity and intellectual rigour

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