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Wan Chai

Meet the Co-founder & CEO

Meet the Co-founder & CEO

Meet the Co-founder & CEO - Planto (Video Transcript)

What We Do

Planto is a personal financial management app that gives millennial simple and actionable financial advice. Planto app delivers personalized insights and allows users to stay on top of their finances, by utilizing in-house developed simulations and account aggregation deployed under bank-grade security and data encryption.

Our Culture

Planto is a goal-first company both for our users and for our team. Our office culture can be chill as long as we meet deadlines and reach milestones. This means as long as work is done, employees are welcome to work in the way that they like - You’re welcome to take coffee breaks, listen to music, chat with your colleagues, draw inspiration from Instagram or take a walk.


Team Stories

Why Work Here

  • Flexible work hours - our official working hours are 10:30AM to 7:00PM but , if you are a morning person, feel free to come in and leave earlier OR if you are a night owl then come in and leave later.
  • Remote working options -  if you’re a couch person, prefer coffee shops or bookstores if they work better for your creativity – as long as you are ontrack towards the deadline or if your absence will not impact others
  • Life-long learning - we will reimburse up to 5 courses OR total US$100 for any e-learning program(s).
  • (Optional) Team events on Fridays

Office Sneak Peak

The Office

  • Layout: Open Plan
  • Dress code: Casual
  • Amenities: Access to HKU facilities such as tennis courts, canteens, and special lectures
  • Features: Free coffee and tea

iDendron, HKU, Lung Fu Shan,
Wan Chai
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