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Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder - The Hive (Video Transcript)

What We Do

The Hive offers collaborative workspaces for communities of creative freelancers and dynamic entrepreneurs across Asia. The Hive network includes locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Saigon and we will have new locations in Melbourne, Taipei and Tokyo by the end of the year.

Our Culture

Having only been founded in 2012, we’re still a relatively new startup. We’ve achieved as much as we have because of our dedication to creating a cohesive community. It's therefore not uncommon at the Hive to see the team collaborating and supporting one another.

The Hive

Team Stories

Why Work Here

At the  Hive, we want our workspaces to help our team think outside of the box.  Whenever possible, we also look to provide opportunities for the team to  discover their passions.

And, when  we say we have excellent career and professional growth, we mean it. By the  end of 2018, the Hive will have co-working spaces in seven countries across  the Asia Pacific region. Our extensive network therefore provides team  members the opportunity to visit and live in a variety of locations.

Office Sneak Peak

The Office

While the Hive decor varies from location to location, in order to best meet the needs of our members, all of our spaces feature warm earthy tones and lots of natural light.

The Hive /MakerHive Kennedy Town, 10/F, CheungHing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield,
Kennedy Town
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The Hive is Asia’s widest network of co-working office spaces.

The emphasis on community is not only for our members, but for our team as well.

Our numerous locations allow our team to network across the Asia Pacific region.

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