CANOPY helps us attract and retain innovative people


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Being innovative means using new ways of attracting talent

CANOPY helps us attract and retain innovative people

We are reinventing a typically traditional industry and having a culture of innovation is critical to achieve our goals. We want to attract like-minded candidates who understands our forward thinking approach in the legal realm and CANOPY stories does this perfectly.

Changing how the world does legal means us looking at changing the way we attract talent – that’s where CANOPY comes in!

Annalise Haigh
Head of Communications & Legal Consultant




KorumLegal is an innovative legal solutions company or ‘law company’ providing flexible, client-centric legal solutions across the Asia Pacific region and beyond. KorumLegal delivers value-driven People, Process and Technology solutions to a range of clients from start-ups and SME's to multinationals, financial institutions and law firms.

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