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Significantly Improved candidate experience

A New Way of Hiring

CANOPY is obviously a great recruitment tool, but there’s more to it than that. Earlier this year, we started a new B2B business and were looking to hire positions within our development team. We worked with different recruitment agencies and posted on job boards, but felt there had to be something more exciting than text-based job posts to help showcase our brand and team culture.

After working with CANOPY to shoot multiple video job descriptions, we shared our CANOPY videos with all the candidates interviewing with us, so that they could see their interviewers and get a better sense of the roles before coming in. It was a great recruitment marketing tool that significantly improved the candidate (and interviewer) experience.

Working with CANOPY’s team was fun, and their organisation, communication, and final output were excellent - highly recommend!

CANOPY videos not only helped us find candidates, but also educated those candidates about our company. This increased the value of our interviews, and ultimately made for better hires.

Jitesh Chhabria
Consumer Products Lead



Quarry Bay

Started out as a university laboratory in 2009, Prenetics is the leading genetics testing and digital health company in Southeast Asia. They provide personalised, predictive and preventive treatments by using innovative DNA technology to help people lead healthier lives.

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