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Showcasing our brands

Recruitment has always been a competitive industry and success is completely dependent on finding and keeping the best talent. We have three unique brands that are successful in their own right, but it was important to link them together, hence the launch of Proco Group. Proco Group has a rich and dynamic culture that encourages collaboration and innovation, and we wanted to share this message with our clients and candidates. CANOPY helped us put together our Company Story through a series of video interviews and really helped us get our message out there. CANOPY is a great tool for anyone looking to promote their company values and culture.

We were really excited to show off our unique office space which is a real differentiator in the recruitment industry. CANOPY and their office sneak peek video was a great way for us showcase some of the cool new features we added for the team.

Krystle Edwards
Regional CEO – APAC


Proco Group


A global recruitment business operating solely across the end-to-end supply chain.

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