Telling the inside story about our business
The Hive

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CANOPY helped articulate our culture

Telling the inside story about our business

We have a lot of pride in our company and brand, and we wanted to share our story of how we became one the pioneers of setting up co-working spaces in Asia. CANOPY helped us put our journey to video whilst also highlighting the importance of community so we can attract the kind of talent we want.

CANOPY helped us communicate our DNA so we can get the right kind of candidates coming through the door.

Angie Wong
Head of People


The Hive

Kennedy Town

The Hive offers collaborative workspaces for communities of creative freelancers and dynamic entrepreneurs across Asia. The Hive network includes locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Saigon and we will have new locations in Melbourne, Taipei and Tokyo by the end of the year.

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